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It has been for too many years that people neglected their appearances and health care because they have not yet discovered the most efficient and up-to-date way to handle it. No more.

Renovae is proud to present a revolution in home-used technology, the most advanced technology at the palm of your hand, easily use at the comfort of your home - to maintain your health and beauty routine at its best.

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After use I concluded. The machine really works. All super. I experimented on half of the face. Smeared cream face and handled massager only half of the face. Morning result was visible to the naked eye. Leather half with massager tightened and become more smooth and velvety. For three weeks use the feelings and photos as years 10 minus. Thank You Very Much. Well recommended.

Renovae User

Lovely item. The product works very well and is easy to use. I like to use the device in the morning and just before bed. I apply a little serum under my eyes and work the eye device for about 5 minutes. Very pleased with this product.

Jacqueline Ynciong
Renovae User

I just wanted to say that I cannot say enough about this wonderful device... I can honestly say I have never used so many products but - it's great! For example, I have bought so many different types of organic body lotion... I NEVER would finish using them and would give them away. Your day cream is THE BEST! I literally cut open one of the tubes I had finished up to make sure I scratched every last bit out... RENOVAR user for life

Shaila Ramos
Renovae User

I've already gotten compliments about my skin glowing after using the BIO LED Facial Mask!

Mitzi Kapture
Renovae User

My skin reacts badly to so many ingredients, yet with your products it seems to simply relax. Even the eye cream does not irritate my skin. And at 61 years old, I am suddenly receiving compliment on my glowing younger looking skin. Please continue to keep the integrity of your business and its products! You have given my quality of life a boost. Thank you so very much

Geraldine Regachuelo
Renovae User

Electro-Belt helped me a lot in my daily activities. My job is a gym instructor, I need strength to become more active in my work. I really recommend this product! Thanks RENOVAR.

JM Aguilar
Renovae User

I use the Reflexology Slippers to relieve my sore and tired feet at the end of a long day. I also suffer from Diabetic neuropathy so this works great to relieve the pain that goes along with that!

Lynda Perez
Renovae User

Let me start out by saying that I absolutely LOVED this i12Massager. It feels fantastic and really helps with relieving stress. If you’re just looking for a short answer, then I’d say to go ahead and buy it now.

Ivan Gutierrez
Renovae User

I have to tell you that the Face Collection is amazing; I’m using it on my hands and face and they look so much better and have never felt so soft . That Vitamin C Serum feels like you’re putting pearls on your skin.

Hillary Reyes
Renovae User
Renovae User
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