Vibration does not work

Maybe skin is too dry, use some skin care essence and try to use the device again.

Device does not work after turn on

The battery might run out, try to charge the device. The light indicator will turn to blue while charging. Charging time is around 2 hours. The light indicator will turn off when the battery is full.

How often can I use the device?


Can I use multiple functions?

How to clean the device?

Clean the device with clean cotton or rub in soft towel gently.

How long can I use the device?

Please observe the frequency of use and operating instructions. For first time users, with sensitive skin, please shorten the use of time.

Is there any procedure that I need to make before using the device?

Apply facial mask at least 2 times a week or use Suyanmei Facial Mist Sprayer for skin hydration.


Can I use the device at the back of my neck?

Back neck also needs massage. Use the device on acupunctural points by pressing, squeezing, stroking and pushing.

How to clean the device?

Turn off the device and wipe it with cleansing cloth. Cleanser is not allowed to use in cleaning the device.

How long can I use the device?

If the device is fully charged, you can use it in 2-12hours.

How can I switch modes?

The device has mode memory function, when the device is on, it will be selected on the mode that you chose from the last time you used it.


How to replace head filters?

Remove the filter from the gap at the lower end of the head, remove the plugged filter out from the filter cotton and insert a new filter cotton. Replace the plugged filter then choose the head you need and push firmly to the device.

When should I use the device on my face?

How does cupping massage works?

This method should be performed with the help of a family member. Consult Chinese Medicine Guidance for best cupping massage points. Choose cupping head and place it on your back, then press the button once to select the Sustained Suction Mode. Once there’s a strong suction, remove the device from the head, and leave the cupping head on the back for 5-10 minutes.


How does this device works?

This machine stimulates muscle motor nerves rather than sensory nerve endings. This device helps in preventing muscle atrophy to assist in relieving pain and to tone muscles.

How to clean the device?

Is this rechargeable?


What does this device does to my body?

This device makes your muscle contract and relax and can help increase your blood circulation.

How does this works?

The electricity from the pads stimulates the nerves in an affected area and sends signals to the brain that blocks normal pain signals.

Can I clean the device?


How to use the Electro-Belt?

Place the belt on your hip and connect the cable of the TENS and turn it on.

How does this works?

The electrical stimulation of the nerves helps the body in producing a high level of our natural painkillers.

How can this device help in my body?

This therapy minimizes the persistent of subcutaneous fat causing dimpling of skin using high-end vibration sonic massage technology.

Anti-Inflammatory Gloves

When should I wear the gloves?

If you have aching fingers/hands it is highly recommended to use daily. If not, you can use it whenever you want.

What are the benefits of this gloves?

It reduces inflammation and swelling and keeps your hands warm. These thermals gives you an extra support.

How does the gloves works?

The compression type will provide pressure on your aching fingers and hand joints.

Reflexology Slippers

Are this slippers good for daily use?

Yes. You can wear the slippers everyday especially if you have diabetes or arthritis pain.

What makes this slippers different from ordinary ones?

This slippers is specially designed for diabetes and arthritis pain, and for those who has cold and sensitive feet. It can help in increasing your blood flow.

How does this works?

It provides heat therapy and increases blood flow to the feet, while absorbing moisture for breathability and comfort.


How to charge the device?

The 3D Body ReShaper Device is rechargeable. Make sure to charge the device when first time in use or after a long time with no use. Plug in the usb cable in the device, then connect with power supply.

Can I use the device in any parts of my body?

The ReShaper is not for private parts, mucosa, neck, adam’s apple, right below heart, finger, wrist, ankle area with thin skin, scratched skin, parts received plastic surgery, skin purulent inflammation areas.

How to use the device?

Hold the device facing up, the stretch out your arm, glide the device from elbow towards armpit. See User Manual for instructions on other body parts.

The pressure from RF does not work

Apply skin care products or gel before use then adjust to higher level. Movement speed must be at least 2-5cm/s. Contact electrode surface completely on skin.

When is the best time to use the device?

It is recommended to use after bath if your skin is warm.

BIO LED Facial Mask

How to clean the BIO LED Facial Mask?

Use wet cloth to clean the Mask. Don’t use water to clean the Mask. Do not dip into water and don’t use any chemical liquid to clean the Mask.

What are the precautions in using the BIO LED Facial Mask?

Don’t watch the LED Light source directly in a long time. Do not expose the Mask directly to sunlight. Do not fold, squeeze, or put heavy pressure on the Mask.

Who can use the BIO LED Facial Mask?

Anyone can use the Mask unless you’re pregnant woman, baby, children, or someone who has sickness such as: epilepsy, thyroid gland, and light allergies.

How often should I use the BIO LED Facial Mask?

Use the Mask after treatment, it is highly recommended to use the mask on a bed.

One-Of-A-Kind Masks

How to use the One-Of-A-Kind Mask?

Its procedures are the same with BIO LED Facial Mask. Clean your face with water, use cotton towel to make it dry. Take out the Mask and power control box, connect the face and neck units to the power control box as well as the electricity cable then connect the electricity cable to the electricity plug and press the Color Select/Start Key to start. Use the Mask on a bed.

Does One-Of-A-Kind Mask has the same LED Light Functions as the BIO LED Facial Mask?

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